Check Train Seat Availability

Seat Availability:

Indian railways provide passenger a facility to check the seat availability of any train and from any source station to destination station. You can check seat availability for any train for next 30 days from the date at

Checking train seat availability at railway enquiry is very simple and you need to do following steps.

  1. Visit
  3. You can enter “Train Name” or “Train number” (if you know) in the test field.
  4. Click on “Check seat Availability”
  5. Choose a date that you would like to check the seat availability
  6. Choose source station and destination station
  7. Choose class
  8. Choose quota
  9. Click on check seat availability

That is it, the seat availability for the train and date is right in front of you. Railway enquiry shows you the result for 6 days from the date of your search.

Generally, the availability is in different stages.

  • Available-(number of seats available)
  • RAC
  • Waiting List

The tickets generally move in this direction, from availability to RAC, from RAC to waiting list. Like the same way, from waiting list to confirmed ticket.

If the seat availability shows, Available you can book ticket and get confirmed seat. Once you get the confirmed ticket with berth, then compartment number and berth number will not change for you.

If the seat availability shows RAC (Reservation against Cancellation), you can book the ticket. This means the passenger ensures the certainty of travel but it does not guarantee a berth. Generally the tickets booked in RAC have very high chances of ticket to be confirmed.

If the seat availability shows WL/GNWL, you can book ticket under this but you can get confirmed ticket. You will get ticket in waiting list. There are different types of waiting list in Indian Railways, you can check it here. If you book ticket in waiting list, there are less chances if your ticket to be confirmed. The chance of your ticket to get confirmed is depends on the other person who cancels in confirmed ticket.

In some case, you can see REGRET in the seat availability; this means the issuing of tickets closed due to the maximum reach of tickets issued in waiting list. Indian railways don’t issue more waiting list tickets because if they issue more tickets, there will be no chance that the waiting list will be confirmed. So in that case, you cannot book ticket in that case.

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