Check Trains Between Station

How can I check list of IRCTC trains between stations?

It is sometimes necessary to know the list of all Trains available between any two stations or from your station to the other station where you want to reach. This list you can get it in on TRAINS B/W STATIONS.

These are the following steps you need to do to know the list of Trains between the stations.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “TRAINS B/W STATIONS”
  3. Enter Source station
  4. Enter Destination station
  5. Select the Date.

That’s it, the list of trains will be in front of you right in the screen. This is the simplest process available to search to the list of trains to between the stations.

The list shows,

  1. Train Number
  2. Train Name
  3. Departure time
  4. Arrival Time
  5. Travel Time.

There are more than one station in a city, which station will I have to choose?

There are many cities and towns in India which has two or more railway stations in it. It is always confuse to the passengers to search from which railway station.

You can select any station that shown in the search in your town, Railway Enquiry will give you the list of all the trains which starts from your station.

For an example, if you choose to see the list of trains available from Mumbai to Delhi, Railway Enquiry will show the list of all the trains between these two cities irrespective of the station you selected in Mumbai city.

About Railway Enquiry: is single point destination for all your enquiries about Indian Railways. You can check PNR Status, Train Live status, Train Schedule, Trains B/W Stations, Cancelled trains, Rescheduled Trains and many more about Indian Railways.

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