TRAIN Route & Schedule

Train Schedule and Route:

You can check the Train schedule and route at any time at railway enquiry. Indian Railways provide this to each and every passenger who wants to know about the train schedule. The train schedule page at railway enquiry shows all the details about particular train which you are looking for. Getting information about train schedule and route at railway enquiry is very simple and follows these steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “TRAIN SCHEDULE”
  3. Enter Train number or Train name
  4. Click on Get Schedule

The train detail contains the following information.

  • Classes which that train contains like 1A, 2A, 3A and Sleeper
  • Runs on which day of the week like Sunday, Monday etc. few trains may run weekly.
  • All the stations through with the train pass and reaches destination station
  • Arrival time and departure time at particular station
  • Halt generally in minutes. It is the time that the train halts in particular station.
  • Distance in kilometres from one station to other station.

Generally, the train time table is same and fixed all the time. But there are chances that the train may get delay due to various reasons mainly technical and operational reasons. If you book your ticket, there will be a clear mention of departure time at your station. Any way you can always check live running status of your train here. But under some circumstances the trains may get rescheduled or even cancelled. The reasons for train reschedule and cancellation is natural calamities like floods and heavy rain.

By considering some reasons, Indian railways changes train schedule i.e time table for few trains. But that information will be making available to the people ahead.

You can always check the cancelled train list here.

You can also check rescheduled train list here.

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